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Apple Coffee Diet: Can You Really Lose 15 Pounds In Just One Week?

No doubt you already think that I am crazy for proposing this diet. But did you know that the best runway models from around the world trust this diet? For example, it is rumored that Giselle could be using this diet to stay amazing. Still not convinced? You can lose more than 15 pounds in a single week on this diet; Let’s find out how, in this article.

The rules

You can basically only drink black coffee and eat apples. Any type of apple will do, as will any type of coffee as long as it is black, that is, without added milk or sugar. The idea is that you can drink or eat as much as you want.

Of course, you can also drink water because it does not contain calories. It will depend on the volume of water in your stomach to avoid hunger pangs. I recommend drinking plenty of water as well to accompany coffee and keep your stomach healthy. Otherwise, that amount of coffee alone could lead to indigestion problems.


Apples are well known for keeping hunger pangs at bay, while coffee boosts your metabolism. In this way, you can lose a large amount of weight. But the problem is that this extreme diet is extremely lacking in nutrition. You CAN take supplements, but they are not the same as getting your nutrition from food.

If you decide to do this diet, I personally recommend no more than 48 hours. Regardless, you are unlikely to have the willpower to tolerate more than this.

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