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5 vacation destinations for single men

For most single men, the word “single” brings a dual feeling, or should it be a duel. Being single is full of freedom, but on the other hand, very few men expect to spend their lives alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of solo vacation destinations where a guy can tackle this dilemma on his own terms, on his own time, but always after an exciting experience in paradise. Here are five places that are tailor-made for a singles vacation.

Medellin Colombia:

Made for: adventure seekers and romantics
The Draw: Endless Jungles and Seduction as a Culture

The terrain surrounding this ancient city is some of the most diverse in Colombia and a great vacation for singles. It has lofty mountain peaks, jungle highlands and lowlands, deep gorges and canyons, and incredibly mesmerizing farmlands. Each type of terrain offers the opportunity for extreme guided hikes. Places like the Abbura Valley are unmatched in the world for the color of the season. Temesis offers endurance hikes and waterfall rappelling just minutes from town. Of course, there are thousands of private places like Los Katios National Park, where the jungle meets a crystal clear pool, perhaps a cave or hot springs. This is the ideal place for a single man to entertain a lovely local girl or fellow traveler in a dream setting.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Made for: fit men who can dance and crave noise
The draw: socializing and parties 24 hours

The party mecca for single men is Carnival, and Rio is their home base. Almost all year round, the people of this city open the curtains for tourists. This is especially true for single men who are extremely comfortable leaving their self-loathing behind by the time they step off the plane. Festa (Portuguese for party/celebration), is ingrained in Brazilian culture. In the ancient world, all roads led to Rome. In Rio, all roads lead to the beach or a world-class nightclub. There are the classics like Ipanema and Copacabana, but other places are becoming popular, especially if you have a favorite beach activity. Praia Vermelha is a center for surfing, and Praia da Barra da Tijuca is famous for motor sports and parasailing. After working on your tan, go dance, drink, and see your butt at clubs like Leviano with its massive mosh pit, and Casa Rosa for edgy, laser-lit interaction. Rio could well be the perfect vacation spot for singles.

Bangkok, Thailand

Made For: Urban-Oriented Dating Addicts
The Giveaway: Food, Adult Entertainment, and More Food

Men from all over the world consider Bangkok to be a fascinating study in opposites. There is no doubt that adult entertainment in all its forms is a big draw, but local laws and customs must be adhered to at all times. It is absolutely possible to find any type of entertainment you want, but it must be enjoyed in terms of the culture. Bangkok is like a solo traveler’s fantasy theme park, but it definitely…ahem, lives up to its name. The people of Bangkok are exotic creatures in Western, American and European family packs. They are very accommodating to the expectations of single tourists and have the attractive currency exchange rate to boot. Restaurants like Xing Fu satisfy a boy’s stomach. Fitness and outdoor gyms help a man maintain his muscle tone while he is away from home. Elephant riding in Khoa Yi National Park provides opportunities to take selfies and make friends jealous. Adult clubs, lounges, and the hotel concierge are sure to take a single man’s eyes (if not his entire body) away. While a single man struggles with the notion of settling down in life, he can bring out the “wild” in this great bachelor party of a destination.

Ibiza, Spain

Made for: History lovers, newts
The Draw: Authentic Locals, The Mediterranean

Ibiza is an island getaway steeped in old world culture, including religion, sport and cuisine. The deepest blue imaginable comes from an interface with the Mediterranean Sea, and the deepest brown is found in the eyes, hair and skin of some of Europe’s most attractive women, making them the dream vacation for The singles. A network of welcoming towns each has urban centers emerging from a Catholic chapel like the Chapel of the Virgin of Lourdes, or a school or monastery. As for social activities, everything that has to do with playing in the sand or in the water is available. This area is very family-friendly, so singles fun remains extremely intimate and low-key. Single men should try to offer a lonely local girl a glass of wine followed by a conversation about art and a paddle surf session afterwards.

Cancun, Mexico

Made for: Pincheros, beach bums
The Giveaway: Seaside Recreation, Tequila, Tans

This resort town is obviously popular with the college spring break crowd for reasons that appeal to any single man as well. All dishes, public transportation, cabin, fishing charter, beach chair rental, and the bottle of Jose Cuervo are affordable. This means that singles at every stage of life can find a way to have fun. Spend a few days hiking in the interior Yucatan camp near the Chichen Itza Pyramid, then join a beach rave with some new Mexican friends for the rest of the trip.

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