99495-99496: Two new codes to report Transitional Care Management (TCM) services

Primary care specialties will receive the largest increase in payment under a new payment for managing the care of a Medicare beneficiary when the beneficiary is discharged from an outpatient hospital observation, inpatient, community mental health center, services partial hospitalization or a SNF. In announcing its new policy, CMS acknowledged that the extensive remote care coordination provided by physicians and…

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Home Kitchen

Work from home – Escape from the office

After spending a long and frustrating day at work, I did my best to put the day behind me. For me, it is not an easy task. You see, I work from home. Granted, most of my day confines me to the “corner office,” but I wander from room to room just because of some variation in my surroundings. Projects…

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Tips to keep children safe online

The proliferation of social media, online gaming, online forums, and cell phone use have given today’s children technological access undreamed of a generation ago. Kids now have access to a staggering amount of content, people, and information online. With these advances, parents now have even more challenges when it comes to keeping their children safe and happy. They want them…

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Health Fitness

Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids – Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

A common side effect of hemorrhoids is the embarrassment of the condition. Sometimes it causes people to avoid going to the doctor or pharmacy to seek treatment. Fortunately, the treatment of hemorrhoids does not require any special remedies or surgery. This can happen in extreme cases and when the initial hemorrhoids are left untreated. Natural cures for hemorrhoids are simple,…

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Lifestyle Fashion

The Power of Goddess Tantra Worship

A tantra teacher is often asked why ancient tantra places such a high level of importance on the female of the human species. To this, I say that the tantra concept of the goddess is the focal point of this emphasis. Just as various religions offer devotion to their respective idols, a person following the tantric path worships the divine…

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